Iron Doggy Holiday Sale

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Buy one for someone who is still struggling with a hand-held leash and then pass this offer on to a friend. But don’t wait, our hands-free leashes are going fast and this offer expires at midnight November 28th!

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I love this leash!! I have a 60lb labradoodle puppy and have tried a few different leashes. This is the one! If she lunges after a bunny I don't go flying or feel it in my back. The handles are great too! I am glad I got the shorter one as she needs more control. I look forward to many runs with her!!" - Teena M.

"My dog and I run 5 kilometers a day. Thanks to my SideKick, I can run with proper form, and the bungee allows my dog to do her thing without jarring me." - Chad M.

"I  thought I would never find a sturdy running leash to replace my well-used leash. After trying many different styles, I found Iron Doggy. It is perfect for running with the big dog who wants to chase deer and the small dog who thinks he can fly. I love, love, love it." - Louise H.