Iron Doggy™ Solo-Pocket

As every runner knows, there are a few necessities to bring on your run. When you run with your dog, there may be a few more. Now you can add an extra waist pocket to your Iron Doggy™ Belt

Compact, light, and beautifully designed, the Solo-Pocket is the perfect size to hold all your canine and human necessities. There’s even room to pack a few healthy treats to make your run more enjoyable.

  • Holds your doggy bags, keys, and ID
  • Bring your smartphone (e.g. iPhone 12 Pro, or any similar size 5.8" screen)
  • Expands to 6.5" x 3" x 1"
  • Easily slides directly on to your Iron Doggy™ Belt

Made by the creators of the original Small Personal Item belt® (in Austin), it’s the perfect complement to your Iron Doggy™ Hands-Free Leash (Iron Doggy™ Belt sold separately). 

To pack slightly larger devices (e.g. iPhone 12 Pro Max or any 6.5"+ size screen) or just want more space, see the Large Pocket SPIbelt®.  

Currently available in Black (w black zipper). 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Works great. Holds my phone
Jessie, Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear the Solo-Pocket is working great for you. Thank you so much again!
I like it!
Frances, Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear you like it. Thank you again!
Excellent product, very compatible
Traci, Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear you find the Solo-Pocket compatible with your leash. Thank you again!
Love it!
Kathy, Thank you for your feedback. We're so glad to hear it! Thank you again!
The Solo-Pocket
Paris, Thanks so much for your feedback. We started offering the new SPIbelt® Solo-Pocket again in 2020. Thank you!

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