Do I have to be a runner to use an Iron Doggy™ leash?

Absolutely not. We’re runners and we designed our leashes for running, but we love them so much that we use them for everything. Whether we’re going on walks in crowded places like the Farmer's Market, hiking up in the mountains, or just relaxing outside, we’ve yet to find a situation where an Iron Doggy™ leash won't do its job.

Which Iron Doggy™ leash is right for me?

Picking the right leash depends mostly on your dogs and how you prefer to run with them. If you have a strong dog who likes to pull, if your dog likes to be out in front of you or tends to cross back and forth when you’re running, then the Runner's Choice is probably the leash for you. It's built using very heavy-duty bungee, so it really helps to absorb any shock from a big, or unexpected pull. It’s also long enough to keep a safe distance between you and your dog. If a leash is too short and your dog is in front, you'll be running way too close for comfort. The length of the Runner's Choice can be adjusted quickly and easily because we know there’ll be times you need to keep your dog closer to you.

The SideKick is perfect for dogs that stay right by your side when you run, or are positioned to the side and slightly ahead of you. This leash doesn't offer the flexibility of multiple length settings, but it weighs substantially less than the Runner's Choice. It uses a slightly thinner bungee which is still very strong, but a big dog that pulls a lot will eventually stretch it. If your dog doesn't have issues with pulling and is good about staying by your side, then you'll love the length and light weight of the SideKick.  

What do I purchase to run with two dogs?

For two dogs, you will want to order two leashes and one belt. For instance, you could order a Runner's Choice with a belt and a Runner's Choice without a belt.

When it comes to deciding which leash to use, we can tell you that most of our customers who do this buy two of the Runner's Choice leashes. Part of the reason is because two dogs side by side often end up in front of the runner. We also have customers who buy one Runner's Choice and one SideKick. This combination is good if you have two dogs that want to run on one side of you, or one dog in front and one to your side. You can always use one of our carabiners if you have two or more dogs. 

If you decide to give this a try, know that you can always exchange a leash if the initial combination is not right.

I just got a puppy, is it okay to take her running?   

We admire your enthusiasm, but you should be careful not to start too early. Our vet advised us to wait a full year before starting to run with our dog. It has something to do with their tiny little, fragile, immature bones. The last thing you want to do is to cause your new puppy injury, so why not focus on training, playing, and getting to know your pup?   

What if I'm running with a stroller?

Whatever you do, don't attach your leash to that stroller!! If your dog is good about healing and isn't a big puller, the SideKick may be a good choice. The shorter leash won't let your dog get out in front of your baby and it's less likely to get tangled.

Why is the leash hardware so heavy?

We’ve tried really hard to find a lighter snap hook to attach to our leashes. The problem is that lighter hooks either break easily, or they cost a fortune. We care so much about this that we actually hired a metallurgist to stress test our snap hook, and a several possible replacements. What we found was that all the potential replacements broke too easily. So, until we can find a snap hook that’s strong enough for our dog, durable enough to last, and won't add $20 to the price of our leash, we'll be sticking with the current one. It's heavy-duty and reliable.

What size is the belt?   

Our belt can adjust from 28" all the way up to 48". If you need something substantially bigger than that you can always order an extra belt and attach the two together. Something to consider is that the belt works best when positioned around your hips rather than your waist. This position lets you apply maximum counter weight to your dog’s pull.  

Can I buy one leash then exchange it for the other one?   

Absolutely. To keep things simple from an accounting perspective we’ll issue a refund on your original leash, then help you place a new order for the other leash. Applicable shipping charges may apply to your replacement order. We promise to work with you to make it right. 

Can I go to a store to buy Iron Doggy™ products?

We're proud to say that Iron Doggy™ products are handcrafted here in the USA and may someday be available in a store near you. For the time being however, they are available to order directly online. We do offer authorized dealer agreements to select businesses. 

We’re happy being a small company with a big focus on quality. All of our leashes are meticulously handcrafted right here in the USA (in Denver, Colorado). By resisting the urge to outsource, or sell through larger stores, we can keep a firm grip on our relentless commitment to quality and the ability to continue donating a portion of net proceeds back to the Animal Rescue community.

Do you have an official Iron Doggy™ Media Kit? 

Yes, here is a link to our Media Kit that describes our original Iron Doggy™ leashes in detail.