How two runners ended up running a business.

We are two women who really love two things - running and our dog, Zola. That combination was what led us to begin our quest for the perfect running leash.

We would regularly take Zola running on the trails around our suburban Denver home to burn off some of her endless energy. The trouble was that while we were focusing on our training, Zola, being a dog, was more focused on the local population of rabbits and squirrels- and Zola can run way faster than we can. The result was that most of our run was spent running after her.  It wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t safe, so we had no choice but to introduce a leash into the equation. The leash led us to a discovery that many runners before us had already made; it’s impossible to run with a leash in your hand and maintain proper running form. Clearly, we had to get ourselves a hands-free dog leash.

So we did. In fact we got lots of them. And what we discovered was that these leashes were far from ideal. They seemed to be either too wimpy to work or totally over-engineered. Some had big bulky belts and pads and funky water bottle attachments. Some looked like they would offer the kind of shock absorption we needed, but then stretched out flat at the first pull because they were constructed from elastic. It was pretty hard for us to believe that any of these leashes were designed by people who actually ran with their dogs.

So we started to explore the leashes that are used in skijoring and canicross.  Those were much closer to what we wanted, but ultimately they were just too long and too heavy for our runs through parks and mountain trails. 

Which left us with just one option. If we wanted to have everything an urban runner needs in a leash, we were going to have to create our own.

How hard could that be? Lucky for us we didn't know the answer was pretty dang hard. In the end it was a journey that took one dog, two runners, and a seamstress through 5 different iterations of the design, complete with a dozen beta-testers, an industrial designer, and a full-blown product manufacturer.  But one year 15 different leashes later, we finally had a design we were delighted with.

So that’s how two runners came to be running their own dog leash business. And we're totally focused on running it well. Buy a leash from us and we'll do everything we can to make sure you’re thrilled with your purchase. In fact, if you don't love it, you can send it right back and we’ll give you a complete refund. If you do like it but have an idea you think will make it better, we would love to hear it. We’re totally dedicated to continuing to develop and improve the finest hands-free leashes on the market.

In fact you could say we’re in this for the long run.