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Iron Doggy hands-free dog leash with dog
Iron Doggy hands-free dog leash with dog

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We're a little company based in Austin, Texas, with an intense focus on quality. Our unique dog leashes for running and hiking are skillfully handcrafted in the United States (in Denver, Colorado).

We are on a mission to help runners, hikers, and outdoor adventurists experience a happier and healthier bond with their pups. Using only high-performance materials and a unique design, Iron Doggy™ helps keep active and headstrong dogs on the straight and narrow.

In the Press

Keeping your dog safe while running with him in the rain is important. Here, we explore how to make your runs as enjoyable as possible!
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A leash burn can happen if you're not using the correct leash for your pooch. Here are some ways to prevent it from happening!
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Planning for a summer adventure with your furry best friend? Don't forget about his paws! Here are tips to start keeping your dog's paws safe during your outdoor adventures.
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