Extra Hands-Free Leash (without Belt)

Take Your Double Dog Duty in Stride with an Extra Iron Doggy™ Leash

Want to run with multiple pups? No problem. You can easily connect two (or more) leashes to a single Iron Doggy™ Belt. Many of our customers have subjected our leashes to the multi-dog treatment and given it two thumbs up.

Simply add an Extra Leash (Runner's Choice or SideKick without Belt) to your setup, and you can hit the ground running (please select which "Extra Leash" version you prefer from the drop-down menu above). 

Many of our customers choose to add an optional carabiner (so they don’t have multiple leashes connected to the same point on their Iron Doggy™ Belt).  

Choosing The Right Leashes

When it comes to deciding which extra leash to use, most of our customers order two Runner's Choice leashes. Part of the reason is that two dogs, side by side, often end up in front of the runner (and with the Runner's Choice, you also have the added convenience of three adjustable settings). 

We also have customers who buy one Runner's Choice and one SideKick. This combination works great if you have two dogs that want to run on one side of you, or one dog in front, and one to your side.

Photo of Rhodesian Ridgebacks by Will Kearney @markingourterritory

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Haley G.
Wonderful Product

We bought this leash when our beloved dog, Neville, was a puppy because he was such a hellion that I had to take up running. I was taking him on 5k runs every morning just to get his energy down to a manageable level. We clocked hundreds of kilometers on this leash, running, hiking, and going to the store.

This leash has been with Nev all the way to outback Australia, where we lived for 2 years, and from coast to coast in Canada. Harsh winters in Canada and boiling summers in Australia, this thing has literally never failed us. Neville is now 8.5 years old. He’s a little greyer around the face, but though he looks more distinguished, he’s still just as much of a hellion who requires daily walks if we’d like to avoid large bouts of sulking from him.

A few weeks ago, after over SEVEN YEARS (!!!) the little lever to hook and unhook the leash finally broke, (after a TON of abuse over the years) and I didn’t hesitate for one second to immediately order a new leash from Iron Doggy.

Thanks, Iron Doggy, for the gift of many miles within my best buddy, and hopefully many more :)

Haley, Thank you so much for taking time to provide your feedback. We're happy to hear that you and your pup Neville have been able to put the miles on together with your gear! Thank you so much again for letting us know about all your adventures in Australia and Canada!

Best handsfree leash for running and hiking

This is my second handsfree leash from Iron Doggy. My first one was still in great shape after 5 years of use until my new pup destroyed it by chewing it (my mistake). I’ve used the belt and leash for running with a previous dog and now, hiking with my current young dog. This is great for hiking because the D ring adjusts for different leash lengths (depending on the terrain and people on trails). I have used this leash for running, however I prefer the shorter leash (Sidekick) because I liked my dog running close aside. The bungee adds a bit of give (recommended by my dog trainer), and the built in handles allow for quick adjustment of leash length and control. Overall, superior quality and workmanship, great customer service and function.

Thank you for your feedback. We're happy to hear that you and your German Shepherd are enjoying your runs and hikes together (and that you had your previous leash for over five years)! Thank you so much for letting us know.

Thomas B.
Customer Service Solved Production Issue

Had an issue where one of the knots in the cord fell out a few months after getting this product. Customer service was fantastic and helped us get a replacement. My gf loves using the leash to run with the dog. I enjoy taking the dog with me on activities where I need my hands free (disc golf).

Thomas, Thank you for your feedback. We're super stoked to hear that you and your gf are enjoying your runs, walks, and disc golf together with your new gear. Thank you so much again!

Laurie F.
Best leash

Best bungee leash available. Vizsla and Coonhound, no longer challenge my joints! One dog lunges, and so far this is the only leash to hold up to my boisterous Coonhound. Love this product!

Laurie, Thank you for your feedback. We're so glad to hear that you and your beautiful pups are enjoying your new gear. Thank you so much again!

Jeff N.
Great product!

We just got a third Basset Hound so I needed another leash and carabiner; excellent and durable construction!

Jeff, Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that you and all three of your Basset Hound pups are enjoying your new gear. Thank you so much again.

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