Runner's Choice Hands-Free Dog Leash (with Belt)

We designed our unique hands-free dog leash to take the shock out of those unpredictable lunges, pulls, and abrupt changes of direction. The Runner's Choice is deliberately designed and built with a unique bungee system that has a minimum breaking strength of 215 pounds. That might sound excessive, but if you’ve ever been on the wrong end of a strong dog chasing a speeding squirrel, you’ll appreciate every ounce of that strength! 

We take the design, performance materials, and craftsmanship of our products very seriously. Skillfully handcrafted in Denver, Colorado, this unique running leash for dogs is built to last.

Check out the Runner's Choice video below (it can be viewed in full-screen). 

Snow images by Logan Blanton featuring  'Finn' 

  • • Three Unique Adjustable Leash Settings (and freedom to use your hands!)
  • • Length 54" inches (137 cm) - also easily adjusts to 46" and 30" (117 cm / 76 cm) based on your needs
  • • Adjustable Iron Doggy™ Belt (included)
  • • Belt fits waist sizes from 28" inches to 48" (71 cm to 122 cm)
  • • Sliding snap hook glides effortlessly as your dog moves from side to side  
  • • Two uniquely raised control handles - made to grab quickly and easily the second you need them
  • • Two specially placed hold-knots - prevent "leash burn" and keep your hands safe
  • • Bungee: Marine Grade - stands the test of time
  • • Webbing: Mil-spec to minimize wear and tear
  • • Weight: 7.04 oz. (.2 kg)
  • • Color: Black with highly visible Bold Red
  • • Made in the USA
  • • Need an Extra Leash to run with multiple pups? Learn more here
  • • Questions? Please see our FAQ Page

We are incredibly grateful for the positive feedback we receive from our customers and those who previously bought other "knockoffs" of our original hands-free leashes, only to find out they don't perform as expected. This won't happen with an Iron Doggy™. In the extremely unlikely event that you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. 

As of January 2022:

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Designed by Runner’s, Defined by Comfort

The Runner's Choice Hands-Free Leash incorporates a unique bungee system and Belt that uses your hips as a counterweight (instead of your hands, shoulders, and neck) to absorb strong pulls from your dog. The Iron Doggy™ Belt has a durable swivel sliding snap-hook that glides effortlessly as your dog moves from side to side, so you can feel safe and comfortable while running hands-free.

Two unique raised "control handles" allow quick and easy access the second you need them. Runner's Choice also features two specially placed "hold-knots" to keep your hands safe by preventing "leash burn" - perfect for busy intersections or to gain control of your pup quickly.


• Heavy-duty swivel sliding snap-hook

• Two raised control handles

• Two specially placed hold-knots

• Multiple pups? See our Extra Leash options

Adjustable, Strong, and Incredibly Flexible

With three adjustable leash settings beginning at 54" (inches), 46", and 30", the Runner's Choice Hands-Free Leash allows you and your pup to quickly and easily adapt to different environments. Whether you choose to let your dog all the way out for a faster pace or easily bring them in closer for a walk, there's a setting for that. Whether you decide to adjust your leash for an urban setting or let it out all the way for wider terrain, the Runner's Choice has you covered.

For added convenience, our Solo-Pocket® easily fits on your Iron Doggy™ Belt. It provides you with extra storage space to bring your necessities including those all-important doggy bags and treats.


  • • Three Unique Adjustable Leash Settings
  • • Leash Length: 54" inches (137 cm)
  • • Leash also adjusts to 46" and 30" (117 cm / 76 cm)
  • Iron Doggy™ Belt (included)
  • • Belt fits waist sizes from 28" inches to 48" (71 cm to 122 cm)

Highest Quality Hands-Free Leash on the Market

Our unique bungee system has a minimum breaking strength of 215 pounds, making the Runner's Choice perfect for strong dogs who have a mind of their own. With quality, design, and function in mind, Iron Doggy™ gear allows you and your pup to comfortably enjoy the outdoors together.


  • • Bungee: Marine Grade - stands the test of time
  • • Webbing: Mil-spec to minimize wear and tear
  • • Minimum breaking strength: 215 pounds
  • • Weight: 7.04 oz (.2 kg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 709 reviews
Sofia S.
Heavy duty

I use this all the time because I just love the belt feature. We run, hike, and backpack with ease and he hasn’t chewed through it yet like our last one (diff company). I will say this one is physically heavy. When I drape it around my neck on a trail, it’s noticeable. And I’m sure he feels the same. I also wish the leash end had a hook so I could attach it to other things (belt loop, etc.) when I can’t find the belt part. Love the adjustability!

Sofia, Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that you and your beautiful pup are enjoying your runs and hikes with your new gear. The D-ring at the top end of your Runner's Choice Hands-Free leash is designed purposefully to be there, so you can easily connect it to your Iron Doggy™ Belt, in order to become hands-free - Thank you for the photos. Happy Trails!

Erin S.
Absolutely love it

You can tell this was made by people who actually run with their dogs - it has all the right features, is easy to adjust even mid run and is sturdy! My dog and I love it!

Erin, Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that you and your pup are enjoying your runs with your new gear. Thank you again and Happy 2022!

Great lead if you’re sick of getting hauled around by your dog

My Viszla pulls like a husky and it ruins my enjoyment of taking him out. This leash takes a lot of the discomfort out of the walk now. He still pulls but I feel far more in control. It’s also great for running with him. It did take a couple of weeks to arrive so be mindful of that if ordering from the UK.

YP, Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that you and your Vizsla pup are enjoying your new gear. We apologize for any USPS COVID-related delays to the UK. Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Chris B.
Hands-free walking

I use this for walking my 7 month old Chow, it's much easier with the lead attached to my waist than in my hand.

Chris, Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that you and your Chow are enjoying your new gear. Thank you so much again! ~Happy New Year!

Great for hiking and running!

I took my very strong pup on a hike and wore this leash and it was such a great experience. She pulled me up the mountain a bit, but the leash was so strong and sturdy enough for me to stay in control. I also took her on a run with some friends. The first few miles she was quite ahead of me and the last mile she was right by my side, which the leash was a little long for, but I could’ve adjusted it to make it shorter, I was just lazy. But I’m glad the leash has that feature so I can utilize in the future. The handles are in great positions if you need to get control of your pup quickly (especially when we were passing by people on the run).

Megan, Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that you and your strong pup are enjoying your new gear. Thank you so much again!

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