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Iron Doggy Selected Events

Iron Doggy is happy to support four-legged running communities all over the map.  Selected events receive dog leashes, t-shirts and other goodies to give away at the event.  We also offer discount coupons to the event participants.

We do our best to select one running event per month.  In order to qualify, your event must meet the following criteria:

  • Proceeds from the event must go to a good cause
  • The event must have at least a 5k distance run where most participants are running with dogs
  • The event must have a nice website and be willing to provide a link on the website back to Iron Doggy
  • Organizers of the event must be willing to send Iron Doggy a picture of the participants who receive our leashes so that we can post the pictures on our store and in social media

If you are interested in participating, send us an email with your event information to support@irondoggy.com.

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