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Iron Doggy Belt


What good is an Iron Doggy belt without the leash, you may well ask. Not much good at all we would answer. However, because we like to think of everything we thought some folks might want to get themselves an extra belt. A belt that they don't have to share with other people. Why? Because having your own belt has certain benefits, the main one being that you don't have to constantly adjust it back to your size after a different-sized-someone wears it.

This is the very same robust and lightweight belt that comes with our hands-free leashes. The leash attaches to the belt on a sliding snap buckle, so you can adjust your dog's position without having to adjust your belt. The side release buckle makes it easy to release with just one hand. The belt adjusts to a maximum size of 48".

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Customer Reviews

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walking hands free

love love LOVE!!! your products,, i have 2 dogs and knowing i can train them hands free and still have them leashed. Life is better ,,, thank you!!!!

What a beautiful picture! Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback and show us your dogs.
Love my Iron Doggy!!

I love the ease of this contraption!! My dog was so excited when she saw the new waist belt come out of the package because she knows that the Iron Doggy means we get to go for a RUN~



We love the Iron Doggy

We love the Iron Doggy belt and leash! The strong, durable bungee cord is a life safer. It gets us out on daily runs!

We love our Iron Doggie

We love our Iron Doggie leashes! We have freedom to smell about, our masters have freedom to use their hands, yet they know when a gentle tug tells us they want us to come closer to them... iron Doggie is quality! Woof woof...Trek and Boomer

We've talked to many customers who bought cheap knock-offs of our running leashes, only to find out that they aren't up for the job. That won't happen with an Iron Doggy. In the extremely unlikely event that you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Iron Doggy ships USPS Priority Mail within the United States, and we charge the flat shipping rate of $7.25. We do our best to get your order to you within 5 business days.

Outside of the United States, we ship USPS First Class. Depending on the location, the shipping charge is $13.95 to $18.95. While we wish it weren't true, it can take 3 to 4 weeks for international shipments to arrive.