Puppies Behind Bars: We’re Donating 10% of Our Profits

Photo: Time.com Radhika Chalasani / Redux

Puppies Behind Bars is a non-profit organization that trains prison inmates to raise puppies to become service dogs.   It’s an amazing organization that has placed 460 dogs into the community since it was founded in 1997.   Now they are even training dogs to be bomb-sniffers and to help war veterans.   I love the thought of dogs doing all of this important work, and I’m totally blown away trying to imagine how much this must change the lives of the prison inmates.

Irondoggy.com is very happy to be donating 10% of our profits between now and the end of the year to this great organization, but don’t feel like you have to run out and buy a leash for your hamster.    You can donate to this charity directly from their website - http://www.puppiesbehindbars.com/

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