Hands-Free Jogging With Your Dog (Without Bouncy Pockets)

Jogging with your dog - A Border Collie running in an outdoor field full of leaves.

We all know that our dogs love to spend time with us. And when that time involves jogging with his favorite human? Well, that's doggy heaven! Jogging with your dog is a great way for your pet to get the exercise essential to his physical and mental well-being.

According to Dr. Joanna Woodnutt, the average dog needs at least an hour of exercise daily. Of course, your pet may need more or less than this guideline depending upon his age, breed, and health. Other factors to consider when jogging with your dog are his weight and current activity level. It's no use expecting an overweight couch potato to jump up eagerly at the idea of a jog!

As Dr. Woodnutt points out, an arthritic elderly French Bulldog won't need as much exercise as a young, healthy, German Shepherd. It's always a good idea to check with your vet if you aren't sure how much exercise your pup needs. If your pet has been living a sedentary life, you'll want to start slow and easy with his new exercise routine. After all, training a dog to run with you requires something a bit more in shape than a couch potato!

Jogging with your dog - A Golden Retriever lying on the grass outdoors.

Don't Forget Your Dog's Mental Health

Exercising your dog's mind is just as important as exercising her body. Destructive behavior resulting from boredom is one reason so many unfortunate dogs end up in shelters. If a human doesn't provide the mental stimulation a dog needs, she is perfectly capable of inventing jobs to keep herself busy. If those jobs involve tearing open pillows to see what's inside or disassembling the couch to find a lost toy... Well, you've been warned!

6 Signs of Boredom in a Dog

  1. Restless pacing around the house or yard
  2. Excessive barking at anything and everything
  3. Digging holes in your yard or flower beds in a desperate search of something (anything!) new and exciting
  4. Jumping on and off the furniture, guests, or you
  5. Constantly pestering you and others for attention 
  6. Destructive behavior, from unrolling toilet paper to destroying furniture

Most dogs have sharp minds and a strong desire to learn new things. By challenging your dog with new tricks, toys, puzzle games, and interactive play, you're helping her get the mental stimulation that she needs. It will also help prevent her from developing annoying or destructive behaviors in an attempt to solve her boredom on her own!

Preventing Boredom in Your Dog:

  • Play hide and seek with her
  • Get her a puzzle game (or three!)
  • Rotate her toys every week 
  • Play fetch, tug, and other hands-on games with her
  • Hide treats around the house and tell her to "Go find!"
  • Take her on 'sensory walks' where she's allowed to sniff all she wants
  • Treat her to doggie daycare occasionally so she can meet new friends

Keeping your pooch mentally stimulated will result in a happier dog and a safer house. And isn't that better for both of you?

Jogging with your dog - A purebred Shetland Sheepdog standing on the grass outdoors.

Take Your Dog With You When You Hit the Trail

Walks are great and dogs certainly enjoy them but they can sometimes get a bit... repetitive. Expand your pet's mental horizons and give him the brisk exercise he craves by taking him with you whenever you jog, run, or hike. Add even more fun to the exercise by playing running games with your dog. Not only will the zig-zag game liven up any exercise routine, but it will also teach your dog to focus on you more. And that's a win-win!

Whether it's jogging with your dog on a crowded path or hiking a secluded trail, there will be new sights, sounds, textures, and especially smells to stimulate his senses and add variety to his life. Just be sure to add a proper dog-friendly warm-up and cool-down routine when your pet joins you for a speedy workout.

Do You Have What You Need to Go Jogging With Your Dog?

Your dog is anxiously waiting at the door, ready to join you for a jog. Do you have everything you need to take with you? A leash, doggy doo bags, phone, ID, keys, headphones, plenty of dog treats... The leash is easy enough, but what are you doing with the rest of your paraphernalia? With a standard leash, you'll only have one hand available. And one hand isn't going to hold everything you need to take.

A great hands-free leash leaves both hands free but that's still a lot of stuff to juggle. Of course, you could always stuff it into your pockets — as long as you don't mind bulging or jiggling pockets while jogging with your dog! With our Solo-Pocket®, you can add a generous amount of storage to your Iron Doggy™ Belt. This highly functional 6.5" x 3" x 2" waist pocket will hold all of the usual must-haves with no unpleasant bouncing or unsightly bulging.

If you need even more storage, check out our Large Pocket SPIbelt®. This ample-sized running belt from the Austin-based creators of the SPIbelt® is perfect to wear along with your Iron Doggy™ Hands-Free Leash. With a liberal 9" x 4" x 2" of expandable storage, this secure, low-profile pocket holds all the essentials, including even large smartphones like the iPhone® 15 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy® S23.

This adjustable belt is also bounce-free, comfortable, and non-chafing. What more could you ask for from a dog and runner-friendly fitness belt? To learn more about how our unique and incredibly helpful gear can improve jogging with your dog, visit the Iron Doggy FAQ page.

Jogging with your dog - A Labrador lying down on the grass outdoors.

Helping Your Dog Enjoy Life

For more tips on adding interest and joy to your pet's life, visit our Dog Blog. You'll find lots of tips for keeping your dog active and intrigued throughout her life over there. And if you have questions or comments on our dog gear, don't hesitate to send us a woof. We love hearing from dogs and their favorite humans!

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