The Golden Ratio: Mathematical Proof of Our Dog’s Good Looks

It’s a little embarrassing, people constantly coming up to us saying what a beautiful dog we have.   Of course we think so too, but we couldn’t help but wonder if a little bit of bias affected our point of view.   That’s when we turned to math to prove or disprove our theory, and when it comes to math and beauty our minds naturally turned to the golden ratio.

A + B is to A as A is to B

It’s old news, artist and architects have known about the golden ratio forever.    Lucky for us, the world is full of countless examples.  From the Parthenon to the Mona Lisa to Jessica Simpson, the proof is in the numbers.

Measuring Up

No surprises here, we did the math with Zola and she’s pretty close to perfect.  Not that you doubted it, but wherethe width of A = 745 pixels and the width of B = 460 pixels.  The math pans out like this …

745 / 460 = 1.619


745 + 460 = 1205;  1205/745 = 1.617

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?  With numbers like this, it really isn’t necessary.


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