Hands-Free Leash Review: A-Race Taren

It was an email from Taren Gesell that first notified us that our original hands-free dog leashes were reviewed in Triathlete Magazine (in August 2015).

Taren, it turns out, is an accomplished triathlete who has a YouTube channel called A-Race Taren where he publishes video reviews of products related to cycling, running, and swimming (you can also check out this article about the 27-kilometer swim he completed in 7 hours).  

According to Taren, he started producing these videos to help athletes get a little faster, figure out what gear to buy, and have more fun with endurance sports.

When he offered to review the Iron Doggy™ running leashes, we couldn’t resist. Over the past couple of months, Taren tested both the Runner’s Choice and SideKick on his two canine “nincompoops" (his words, not ours) and the result is a very entertaining and insightful video (below).

From Taren’s perspective, the Runner Choice hands-free leash is perfect for dogs that love to bolt (i.e. our dog) and the SideKick hands-free leash is perfect for the perfect dog (i.e. well-trained dogs that like to run right by your side).
For dogs that are pretty good runners, but still requiring a little direction, Taren recommends using voice commands or advance notice, instead of using the leash to give the dog direction. It’s excellent advice and a great reminder that while a hands-free dog leash is important for maintaining proper running form, it’s no substitute for training your dog.

Thanks, Taren for the great review and good luck with those two nincompoops!

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