Iron Doggy's In 5280 Magazine's "Ultimate Guide to Running"

If you live in Colorado and you don't want to be a runner, don't pick up the latest edition of 5280 Magazine. Their "Ultimate Guide to Running" will make you want to start training for that half-marathon before you finish reading the "pocket training guides". At Iron Doggy, we've consumed a mountain of running articles over the years and after awhile they all sound the same. The 5280 Magazine article is a fresh take on the topic for any runner, especially if you live in the Centennial State.

Of course, no article on running would be complete without gear recommendations. As a fun slant on the topic, 5280 asked pro-athletes living in the state for their suggestions. We were a little surprised and extremely humbled to find the Iron Doggy SideKick hands-free running leash included in the mix. Our dog running gear is hand-crafted in downtown Denver, and we're proud to be a part of such a strong running and canine-friendly culture.

One last note, if you're looking for a race that you can run with your dog, check out our list of dog-friendly runs. Whether you are running in Fort Collins, Calgary, or Grand Bahama, we've got a dog-friendly race with your name on it.


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