Eight Dog Breeds for Runners

Eight Dog Breeds for Runners

Are you having trouble staying consistent with your running routine? It might be time to get (or adopt) that canine companion you've always dreamt of running with! Inviting your furry friend to be your running partner is an excellent way to stay fit while having fun. Especially on days when you're feeling especially lazy (hey, we've all been there), a dog can provide the perfect motivation to slip on your favorite running shoes and hit the trail.

For various reasons, some dog breeds make better running companions than others.  Naturally, there are many kinds of dogs you can run with. These are simply some of the most athletic breeds for distance running. If you're actively searching for the perfect running buddy, read on to discover some of the most popular breeds to run with (in no particular order) whether you're a round-the-block jogger or a marathon runner. 

Some of the best four-legged running partners:

1. Vizsla

This loyal dog will have no trouble matching your running pace - whether that below and steady or short and fast. The fact that the Vizsla is naturally affectionate, smart, and easy to train, only further solidifies its placement on the list of good dogs to run with.  

2. Golden Retriever

Energetic and easy to please, golden retrievers are sure to thrive in an active lifestyle that keeps them out and about. They love outdoor adventures, such as hiking, jogging, and playing frisbee. If you don't have much experience with training dogs, don't worry. Golden retrievers are intelligent, friendly, and sociable.

Just like Huskies, be careful that they don't overheat in the summer because of their double coat.

3. Australian Shepherd 

Australian Shepherds are smart and agile, making them great running buddies. Since they are herding dogs, they're quick to adapt in unknown situations and have incredible stamina. 

Take advantage of their brainpower to teach them new tricks. Plus, they're always up for a game of catch! 

4. Jack Russell Terrier 

What the Jack Russell Terrier lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in energy! Despite its short legs, this sturdy, energetic breed is sure to outrun you on any 5K run. 

Plus, for intrepid explorers looking to get off the beaten track, Jack Russells make the perfect adventure buddy, thanks to their portable size.  

5. Border Collie 

The Border Collie thrives from mental and physical stimulation. As a working breed, these natural-born athletes are the best herders out there. 

Not only do they make one of the best dogs to run with because their bodies are built for speed and stamina, but they excel at any activity that requires agility (making them great frisbee partners too!).

6. German Shepherd

Strong and muscular, German Shepherds have the perfect body for running long distances, making them the best dog for runners training for their next marathon. Known as the military dog, German shepherds make loving, loyal running companions.  

7. Siberian Husky 

With boundless energy to burn off, huskies love to run. They were bred to be sled dogs, so you know that they are serious athletes! Because they have incredible endurance, don't be surprised if they regularly push you to run further and faster. 

Due to their very thick coats, you should be careful that they don't overheat in the hotter months. However, In the winter, they're good to go!

8. Weimaraner

Long-legged and sleek, the Weimaraner is as agile as it is gorgeous. Incredibly adaptable, this dog breed will match your pace, making them ideal for both short and long-distance runners. While Weimaraners are easy to train and come equipped with a short, low-maintenance coat, they are not for the faint of heart! Because of their need for physical and mental stimulation, they need to be active every single day, or your favorite pillow may suffer the consequences! 

How to Run with Your Dog

While the dogs mentioned all make great running companions, there are still a few things to consider. 

If you have a new puppy, depending on their breed, it's best to wait for 8 to 18 months before running, since their growing joints, muscles, and bones need to mature (always confer with your vet). Once you're ready, always warm-up by walking for 5 to 10 minutes (before and after your run). Start slowly with short distances (less than a mile if your pup is younger than nine months).

Some dogs are easily distracted by squirrels and people, while others are merely strong and powerful, requiring a firm hand. To help you maneuver those abrupt pulls and changes of direction - and to make sure you're running with your dog and not the other way around - we recommend our Runner's Choice Hands-Free Dog Leash. It's perfect for taking your furry friend out for a run, hike, or any outdoor activity. 

Equipped with bungee cords and two raised handles, this hands-free dog leash gives you that extra control when you need it most. No matter which dog you choose, the Runner's Choice truly makes your dog-running experience a walk in the park.  

Alternatively, if you're looking to run side-by-side with your enthusiastic friend, we recommend checking out our Sidekick.

Are you currently running with a handheld leash? Learn how this can botch your form and actually set you up for an injury here.






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