2018 Running Dog Holiday Gift Guide

Iron Doggy Running Leash
Here's our list for 2018 of some of our favorite dog gear that gets us through the year. 
  • Alaskan Cod Chips - $12 - You can lead a dog to water, and you can make her drink. At least that's our experience when we throw a couple dehydrated treats into a bowl of water. The most stubborn dog in the world will not be able to resist, and you can do what you need to ensure that your dog stays hydrated
  • Large Kong Classic - $12 - These things are life savers, we keep a half-dozen or so in our freezer at all times. Our dog demands one every evening.
  • Musher's Secret - $12 - You've heard it from us before. Running in the ice and snow is a complete drag when your dog is wearing those funky boots. Apply a little Musher's Secret to your doggy's paws, and you're good to go.
  • Runner's Cap - $15 - OK, this is for you not your dog. We think it's the perfect winter running hat because it is extremely lightweight, and easily tucks away in your pocket when you don't need it. It also has the ridiculously hip Iron Doggy logo embroidered on the front.
  • Gentle Leader Head Collar - $20 - Yes our dog hates it but sometimes it's the only thing that slows her down. We always bring it on a run, just in case. 
  • Noxgears Lighthound Visibility Vest - $40 - This one is recommended by several of our customers. One giving this resounding endorsement - "The Lighthound keeps him lit up on the dark early morning and later night runs. Add the Iron Doggy leash and you have the perfect combination! " 
  • Iron Doggy Hands-Free Dog Leashes - $43 - $48 - What kind of list would this be if we didn't mention the Runner's ChoiceSideKick Hands-Free Dog Leashes? We love them both, not just because they are the most cleverly designed, best built running leashes on the market, but also because they make running with our dog the highlight of our day.


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