Fun Things To Do with Your Furry Friend!

Fun Things To Do with Your Furry Friend!

If you have ever lived in or traveled to Oregon, you know it's a beautiful destination full of state parks, pine tree-lined running trails, and scenic wildlife. There are numerous outdoor activities to embark on with your favorite pup.

If you plan on traveling to the Beaver State soon, be sure to check out some of these dog-friendly suggestions to enjoy with your favorite furry friend. 

What kind of activity list would this be if we didn't mention the Runner's Choice & SideKick hands-free dog leashes? We love them both, not just because they are the most cleverly designed, best built running leashes on the market, but also because they make running or walking your dog the highlight of your day.

Look for an updated list of 2020 North American and Worldwide dog-friendly race events (fun runs/walks) coming to your area soon.  


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